Stunning Looks – Lifetime Durability Laboratory Certified,  Real Weather Tested Big or Small – We’ve Got You Covered! Thousands of Installations Across Ontario Commercial Investment
Stunning Looks – Lifetime Durability All Steel Roofing System brings an authentic European Tile look to any home at an affordable budget.
Laboratory Certified, Real Weather Tested With decades of weather-tested roofing installations, we known the All Steel Roofing System will outperform the competitors. With a 150mph Wind Uplift Rating, the All Steel Roofing system outperforms all other roofs in Hurricane Zones in Southern Florida.
Big or Small – We’ve Got You Covered! Our impressive portfolio includes dozens of large churches across Ontario - the most of any other steel roofing system - but no job is too small. We've installed everything from 60,000 sq/ft commercial buildings to 500 sq/ft cottages.
Thousands of Installations Across Ontario Our roofing system has been marketed and installed across Ontario since 1969. With thousands of time-tested roofs across the province, contact us for a local installation near you.
Commercial Investment Professionally installed in a range of PVC-coated colours, an All Steel Roofing System is great on commercial buildings, bringing elegant looks and long-term performance to your investment.
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About Us

The All Steel Roofing Systems is owned and manufactured by Beta Metal Roof Inc., Ontario, Canada. We have based our metal roof product line on the traditions of the European Tile look, using the best roofing materials available, and low waste manufacturing methods. All this effort creates a lifetime roofing product that will endure whatever mother nature throws at it.


The All Steel Advantage

The All Steel Roofing System is a long lasting and environmentally friendly roofing solution for your residential or commercial structure. With unique Steel Battens and ‘All Steel’ colour matched valleys, ridges, caps and drip edges, we offer a complete Lifetime Roofing Solution.


Our Services

At All Steel Roofing Systems, we offer all-in-one complete roofing solutions with our professional, fully insured roofing crews and can provide FREE QUOTES through our helpful and friendly sales associates. We also manufacture and distribute our All Steel Roofing System to company-approved roofing contractors.