About Us

Beta Metal Roof Inc.

With Canadian Headquarters in Ontario, Beta Metal Roof Inc is the manufacturer and installer of the All Steel Roofing System. We are also a subsidiary of Theta Industries, a large Ontario-based manufacturing plant that supplies millions of metal parts across Canada, providing steel manufacturing expertise and strong financial stability.

Our Steel Roofing History

Our product was first installed in Ontario in 1962, with some of the oldest metal roof tile installations in the Belleville & Kingston region. There are many steel roofs, dating back to the 1960s & 70s, still standing strong today – even with paint technology not being anywhere as good as it is today. The owner of Theta Industries was a past customer of the All Steel Roofing System, having it installed on his home in Horseshoe Valley in the early 1990s. He loved the product so much that he acquired the company shortly afterwards and relocated its manufacturing plant to its present location, in Barrie, Ontario.

The All Steel Advantage Emerges!

In 2001, we revolutionized this incredible roofing system even further, by being the first steel tile roofing system to use steel strappings underneath, rather than the traditional wood strappings still in use by other traditional metal roofing systems. This proved to eliminate the inherent twisting and rotting of the wood straps, which causes the other metal roofing systems to develop gaps or fastener failures over years of heating and cooling in the elements.

This ALL STEEL ADVANTAGE is what truly sets us apart from the competitors.