The All Steel Advantage

The ALL STEEL ROOFING SYSTEM begins life as 0.533mm or 26 gauge (0.021″ thick) galvanized G90 steel. Zinc along with several epoxy coatings are applied to both sides. Then facing up to the elements is a baked-on 4 mil thick coloured PVC coating.

ALL STEEL ROOFING SYSTEMS consist of overlapping panels complete with accessory items such as starter flashings, trim for valleys, walls, gables, ridges, hips, hip end clips, decorative clips, snow guards, roof vents, screws and sealants. Everything is included in your up-front price. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS!

The ALL STEEL ROOFING system is the ultimate solution for your next roof replacement. Never waste another dollar on oil-based asphalt roof that will deteriorate in 8 to 12 years.

With ALL STEEL ROOFING, you will have a smooth textured, maintenance free roof, which offers superior strength, lasting value, and increases your property value.

Standards & Approvals

The following approvals apply to our All Steel Roofing System:

  • National Research Council (CCMC) Approval Number 10724R, Division 07323
  • Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC) under Fire Test Class “A”, “B”, “C”, U.L. 790 to ASTM E108, UBCS 327
  • Underwriters’ Laboratory Inc. (ULI) under Fire Test Class “A”, “B”, “C”, U.L. 790 to ASTM E108, UBCS 327
  • Class “A” & “B” Fire Retardant Roof Rating, over existing asphalt roof shingles in accordance with instructions
  • Weather Resistance (QUV) Accelerated UV Test to ASTM G53
  • Weather Security – High Speed Dynamic Rain Penetration and High Wind Research Laboratories Inc., Miami, Florida
  • Huricane, Cyclone Wind Resistance tested in conformance with Dade County Building Code, Miami, Florida
  • Wind driven rain in excess of 250 km/h (160 mph), Construction Research Laboratories Inc., Miami, Florida
  • Considerable energy savings as per Thermal Evaluation by Ontario Research Foundation, Canada